Helium and Its Value to the World

If you are planning a party with floating balloons, you could be wondering, “Where can I buy helium from?” If you simply fill your balloons with air, they soon fall to the floor or ground when you release them. However, when filled with a gas like helium they float up into the atmosphere and soon out of sight. In fact, they may travel for many miles before coming down. What is this strange gas which makes balloons fly? Here is a closer look at the subject.

Lighter Than Air

There are many inert gases, and helium is one of them. In fact, it has no color, smell, or taste. Next to hydrogen, it has the lowest atomic weight, making it the second lightest of the elements. Since a great deal of the atmosphere contains nitrogen and oxygen (which are heavier) helium is lighter than the air around you. It is this property which makes many people wonder “Where can I buy helium for my party or business.”

When you fill a balloon with helium, it weighs less than the air. It floats because it is not affected by gravity. Yet, this is only one of several uses for this versatile gas.

Commercial and Industrial Applications

If you go into an MRI machine, you may not realize helium is there too. Magnetic resonance uses magnetic coils and superconductors. However, they need very low temperatures. Special chillers with liquid helium help to cool the magnets so they can do their work.

Helium is one of the gases used in MIG (metal inert gas) welding. An electric arc starts the welding process, and inert gas (like helium and argon) shields the weld from contaminants to strengthen the bond. There are so many uses for this gas, many businesses today are asking “Where can I buy helium from?”

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