Heating Oil in Clinton: The Smart, Eco-friendly Option

There are many ways to heat a home, but in New England, the most popular method is still heating oil. This method is cheaper than converting the old homes with already established heating systems and it is easier than chopping wood and filling a wood stove continuously during a long, cold winter. Heating Oil in Clinton is an easy to find, affordable product that provides a comforting and consistent heat.

The concern from some about heating oil not being a sensible, eco-friendly product is entirely unsubstantiated. Heating oil does not produce methane emissions the way natural gas does, in fact it is not even regulated by the Federal Clean Air Act because it burns so cleanly. It is also much safer than natural gas because it is non-explosive and safer than wood because there is not reliant on an open flame.

Today there is the option for an even safer and more efficient heating oil. These are known as bioheat products and they are a blend of heating oil and bio-diesel. They burn cleaner than the traditional heating oil, but they also are able to produce more heat per gallon, making them an exceptionally affordable and environmentally friendly option. Another benefit from bioheat is that because this is a cleaner burning oil, not only is it better for the environment, it is better for heating systems as well.

Using this type of product not only preserves fossil fuels, because less oil is needed to achieve the same heat, but the product itself is important because it creates jobs. It is manufactured in the United States with the biodiesel derived from soybean and vegetable oils grown on American farms.

Heating Oil in Clinton is a clean and responsible choice for homes and businesses. It is reliable, affordable and safe. Oil companies like East River Energy are also always on the lookout for additional ways to help their customers save money. Budget plans, service plans and more can all help to take away a little of the pain of a heating season. Contact them today to learn more about these plans and to learn about the benefits of bioheat.


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