Headlight Restoration Helps You Maintain a Safe-Driving Vehicle

Perhaps the single most important step you can take it so visually inspect your headlights periodically. Driving through Denver, CO, at night, in the snow, rain and other low-light conditions can be dangerous. Your headlights provide you with the means to see ahead of your vehicle, ensuring that you’re able to stay on the road, see obstacles ahead, and more. However, over time, your headlights will degrade. Eventually, you will need to invest in headlight restoration.

How do you keep a check on your lights, so you know when it’s time to take action?

You can do this quite easily on your own, without any need for special equipment, or any automotive knowledge. You just need to know a few things.

First, you want to check the lens, not the headlight itself. The lens is the clear plastic piece that fits over the headlight bulb. They are subject to a wide range of wear and tear factors over time. You should watch for:

  • Yellowing
  • Fading/opacity
  • Cracking
  • Moisture inside the lens

If you notice any of the items above, it’s important to have headlight restoration performed. In some instances, you might need to replace the headlight lens, but that’s a job for an automotive shop.

Check your headlights for signs of wear and damage once per month or so. You should also have them inspected at your regular service intervals (oil changes, tire rotations and the like). This will ensure that your lights stay bright and clear, and that you’re able to stay safe on the road.

How Does Restoration Work?

Not sure how restoration can breathe new life into your headlights? It’s simple. In most instances, the diminished output is caused by yellowing/discoloration of the headlight lens. This is caused by UV light slowly degrading the plastic. A professional automotive shop can polish the yellowing away, leaving your headlight lens crystal clear and in like-new condition.

Can you restore your headlights? There are products on the market that promise to do that, but most of them are inferior to what you’ll get by working with an auto shop. Plus, there is always the possibility that you’ll inadvertently damage the lens, the seal around the lens, or another component.

The best option is to work with an expert auto shop, like A Plus Auto Glass. We invite you to get in touch with our Denver, CO, shop to schedule headlight restoration. Call us at 303-680-0983.

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