What Happens During Professional Carpet Cleaning in Honolulu

The carpets in your home are not only there to add visual appeal, but they make it comfortable for your family to walk around without shoes and socks. While carpets will last for years, it is important to have them professionally cleaned on a regular basis so you can keep them looking great and increase their life span. If you are ready to hire someone for Carpet Cleaning in Honolulu but want to be more familiar with the process, keep reading. The following is just a brief overview of what the process entails and what you can expect when a cleaning crew shows up at your home.

Initial Dry Cleaning and Removal of Furniture

The first thing the cleaners will do is move all of your furniture from the rooms being cleaned. They will then vacuum them thoroughly to remove any dry debris. They will also wipe down your baseboards so any dirt on them won’t be spread back onto your carpet during the cleaning process. Make sure the cleaners you hire remove all dry debris before continuing with the process.

Stain Location and Treatment

The next step is to locate all of the stains on your carpet. They may ask you to point out any stains so all of them can be located. They will then apply a stain pre-treat cleaner on the spots to help breakdown the enzymes of the stain before they start the process of cleaning your carpets. Not pre-treating stains can prevent you from getting the best final results during your cleaning appointment.

Extraction Cleaning

The last step is to spray a solution of hot water and clearer onto your carpets, and then extract it to remove any dirt and grime. While dry cleaning methods were popular in the past, they not deliver the same results as the extraction cleaning process. This method of cleaning can also remove more allergens, which makes your home healthier for everyone in your family.

If your carpets are lack luster and dirty, contact P.S. Carpet Cleaning. They have been providing Carpet Cleaning Cleaning in Honolulu for nearly 30 years, and can help you keep the carpet floors in your home looking great. Call today to learn more about their process, or visit . You have nothing to lose, and only a cleaner home to gain.

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