Your Guide to Choosing the Right Commercial Dishwasher

Today’s busiest kitchens and restaurants couldn’t function without commercial dishwashers. Though they are an investment upfront, they save business owners time, money, and resources, paying for themselves faster than you might imagine. While your patrons are never choosing your establishment with your dishwasher’s efficiency in mind, it will certainly impact their overall experience. To get the best out of your investment, follow this guide for choosing the right dishwasher for your kitchen:

So Much to Choose From

There are many types of commercial-grade dishwashers. Each has their own benefits and drawbacks. Here is a short list of types you will encounter when shopping:

  • Undercounter washers – These units are typically inexpensive and space-efficient, but don’t hold as many dishesor work as quickly as other models
  • Door washers – These models are extremely fast and efficient, but more expensive and may use more energy and water than other units.
  • Conveyor type washers – These washers are fast and give dishes a thorough wash but take up a lot of space.

There are also specialty washers used in large kitchens with many dishes to clean, such as glass washers. However, these models should not be considered by owners of smaller kitchens.

Narrowing Your Choices

Now that you know what’s available, here are some ways to narrow down your options:

  • Price – Every kitchen has a budget. Yours can help you determine which type of dishwasher is best for your needs.
  • Space efficiency – If you have a small and very busy kitchen, saving space can be crucial. Choose a smaller, more compact option for best results.
  • Energy efficiency – While this may not be at the forefront of your mind while you’re browsing for dishwashers, it’s an important factor in how much your washer will cost you over time.
  • Capacity and speed – If your kitchen produces a lot of dirty dishes, you’re going to need a large capacity washer – or one that washes each load very quickly.

Ready to browse your options and find the perfect commercial dishwasher? Contact Brink Inc. for restaurant equipment sales and service.

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