Getting the Right Roofing Company to help you fix your Roof

It is an obvious statement to make, but a good roof on a home is probably one of the most vital components of the property. Just as a mud hut needs a solid roof, so does any building, if it is to protect the items and people inside. Roof tiles in Edinburgh are usually made from slate or terracotta style tiles and mostly colored grey or orange. Whilst generally, the purpose of roof tiles is to keep the rain out of the home, they are also very decorative and can be made from plastic and concrete as well as the known slate and terracotta materials. Some homes in England have Spanish style tiles on their roof. The Spanish style is ceramic roof tiles that has a waved shape and usually found on house roofs, but with the exception of some offices and public buildings.

In Edinburgh, however, you are more likely to see slate colored flat tiles laid in over lapping horizontal rows. The slate colored tiles are also popular in Aberdeen—nicknamed the ‘Granite City’ because of the use of the stone there. In Edinburgh it is common to have roof tiles replaced a ten to twenty years because of the conditions of the weather. Scotland has more rain than the southern parts of the United Kingdom and subsequently water damage is more common. It also means that some less porous materials will not last as long as they might do elsewhere in the country.

What a good Company will do
A good roofing company will have extensive experience at completing the waterproofing of the roof—sometimes known as the waterproof membrane—and they will have knowledge of the areas in which they tend to work the most often. Never be afraid to ask questions while getting your quote sorted out. Always get at least three quotes, estimates or ‘guestimates’ but quotes are better because they are an exact figure for the entire job, rather than an idea of what it might cost. You will have no nasty surprises with a quote and you will know exactly what you are paying for. All companies should offer you a breakdown of the work involved as well as an accurate quote.

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