Getting Real Estate Inspections From Atlas Exterminator Co Inc

Real estate companies looking to sell lived in homes need to be sure those houses are pest-free. New homes also require treatment to ensure no bugs infest the space during the building period, remaining in the home for new owners to deal with after that. Atlas Exterminator Co Inc offers real estate inspections for these purposes.

Termite Inspections

One of the biggest problems with homes is termites. They like to feast on the wood both inside and outside of the house, including in the walls and on the porch. An exterminator company like Atlas should get called in to perform a full termite inspection and ensure there are none present in the area. They can then issue a real estate certificate proving this fact that companies can provide to anyone who needs it, such as a potential buyer or other business.

Soil Treatment

New homes getting built should first have a soil treatment done. This ensures the soil is safe to build on and will not bring any pest problems shortly. The last thing the builders want to stop to deal with is termites or other pests damaging wood that has just been placed. This treatment performed by a professional will also receive a certificate of completion.

Structural Damage Education

Being on the Board of Realtors gives companies like Atlas a leg up against the competition. They have structural damage experts on their team who can educate realtors on the associated costs, underlying problems, future troubles, and more. If termites have been the culprit, an exterminator will be needed to eradicate the problem before anything can get repaired.

Comprehensive Written Reports

Professional exterminator crews do not simply perform their inspections and issue a certificate. They provide comprehensive written reports detailing all of their findings throughout the process. This provides both realtors and home-buyers with what they need to assess the house’s structural integrity and pest-free stance and ensure the place meets their standards.

Atlas Exterminator Co Inc handles a variety of services. Use them for real estate inspections before purchasing a home or call upon them after a rodent infestation has taken over the house. Browse the Website to see the full range of services offered.

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