Getting Published in A Journal of Public Health Research

Researchers, physicians, and scientists working on public health issues often find challenges in the publication of their work. This can occur for several reasons, with one being the choice of the journal.

Before considering the specific Journal of Public Health Research, it is important for authors to complete due diligence on the best journal for their study. Focusing on a specific niche in the journal ensures the research is available to the experts and medical professionals most interested in the results and the study.

Open Access Content

While traditional Journal of Public Health Research publications are restricted to access by subscribed members and organizations, there are options to consider. New companies offering publications provide open access to the content of the journal, allowing the information to reach a much wider audience.

The option for open access content in a Journal of Public Health Research also adds to the use of citations and referencing of the study in future research projects and papers. Authors and researchers new to publishing can take advantage of this opportunity to become widely cited and to increase their visibility in their specific area of expertise.

Peer Review Process

The ideal publisher has a robust and controlled peer review process. Peer review is essential to substantiate the methodology and the results obtained through the study.

Additionally, a recognized editorial board further validates the significance of the research and assists in ensuring only the highest quality studies and reports are published.

Publishing in a Journal of Public Health Research is an important step for any researcher. To find out more about AHRO Scientific Publishing Ltd., visit us online at

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