Getting the Most Out of Professional Teeth Whitening Services in La Grange, NY

Young children have bright, white smiles. As people get older, however, teeth begin to yellow and darken. Adults with white teeth often look years younger. Simply brushing at home is not enough to keep your teeth from yellowing. The only way to get your teeth back to their original shade is with professional Teeth Whitening Services in La Grange, KY.

Having your teeth whitened in a dental office takes a few hours. Most patients only need a single treatment to see astounding results. Unlike drugstore whitening kits, the chemicals used by your dentist actually whiten teeth below the surface. The solution absorbs deep into the porous tooth material. Once applied to the teeth, a special UV light may be used to speed up the whitening process. A dentist can whiten your smile by six to eight shades. Many dentists even sell take-home whitening kits to their patients that contain the same active ingredients. Since the whitening chemical used in a clinic is very strong and concentrated, it outperforms any kit you can buy over-the-counter.

Once you get your teeth professionally whitened, you will want to maintain the results at home. Teeth absorb the color of anything that they come in contact with. It’s best to avoid or limit anything that may discolor them. The most staining drinks include coffee, red wine and tea. If you partake in these beverages, rinse your mouth out with water to prevent staining. Using a straw may also protect your teeth from being fully exposed. Berries and some spices may also lead to staining. Brushing after every meal will help erase any surface stains. Choose a whitening toothpaste that contains baking soda and peroxide for the best results. Steer clear from cigarettes, as they are not only bad for your lungs, but they will also rapidly age your teeth.

If your teeth are beginning to show their age, consider professional Teeth Whitening Services in La Grange, KY to make them look young again. The dentists at Crestwood Dental Group are ready to bring that sparkle back to your smile. With such great advances in cosmetic dentistry, there is no reason to settle for discolored teeth.

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