Getting Into The Habit of Recycling in Nassau County NY

by | Feb 19, 2016 | Recycling

Many people agree that Recycling in Nassau County NY is an excellent idea, but think that it takes too much effort, or that they don’t generate enough paper or other materials to make a difference. The fact is that anyone can contribute to the effort and have an impact. Here are some tips for making recycling part of what the family does every day.

Invest in Several Waste Baskets

Instead of a single trash can in the kitchen, buy three or four waste baskets in different colors. Label one for glass, one for paper, and one for metal. Remember to put a trash can liner in each one.

Over the course of a week, toss used items into the appropriate baskets. On Sunday, check each one and see how much has been collected. Even if the collections for a single week are not that spectacular, it should be enough to show that all three baskets will be full by the end of the month. That provides a visual confirmation that the family can contribute to the effort for Recycling in Nassau County NY. Click here to know more.

Learn About Local Recycling Opportunities

Take the time to research local organizations that hold ongoing drives for paper, plastic, or glass. Contact them and find out what sort of guidelines they have in place. That will make it better to come up with a list of recipients for the discarded items.

Clean Out the Garage and Attic

How long has it been since any of the items stored in the attic or the garage were actually used? All that space is being taken up by things that are serving no useful purpose. What if they were donated to a local center? There are removal services that will come to the home, clear out the spaces, and make sure anything that is in reasonably good condition is donated to a local center.

For anyone who needs to clear out some clutter but would rather not have everything end up in a landfill, visit today and check out how they contribute to the local recycling effort. Schedule a date and time for a professional to visit the home and look at the amount of materials that need to be removed. It will not take long to work out the details and ensure that many of those things do go on to serve a useful purpose.

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