Getting designer handbags at a fraction of their worth

Designer handbags are extremely expensive, so much so that many women will never own one. There is no reason to think this way because there are a couple of ingenious ways in which you can have them, perhaps not own them but at least have them.

There are a number of entrepreneurs that have taken full advantage of the fact that many woman dream of owning a designer handbag, but that’s all it is, a dream. Today there are stores, both online and bricks and mortar that have rental plans available. These entrepreneurs buy wholesale designer handbags in New York and then sell memberships in a type of “handbag club.” The club member can avail herself of a fixed number of different bags every month, the number of course reflects in the membership fee. If the store she is a club member of is online, the bag is dispatched by courier as soon as it is selected. At the end of the agreed upon period, the member returns the designer bag and selects another one.

Because the club member is responsible for the bag, excellent care must be taken to avoid any penalties. Most of the bags include a plastic inner bag which can be used for cosmetics, etc and it is not a good idea at all to carry any food or drinks in the bag.

There are also a number of designer bag shops opening that take designer bags in from their current owners on consignment, they are then sold to an interested party at a considerable discount over the new price. In many of these shops, a bag can also be rented for a certain period of time. Unfortunately for many, including those who may at one time been able to purchase a designer handbag, times have gotten tough and money is scarce; many of the bags that are for sale come from these sources.

It is also possible to purchase wholesale designer handbags in New York over the internet. There are internet vendors who can make bulk purchases of designer bags and offer them to the public at a price far less than the same bag in a high end store. The reason is quite simple; low overhead and volume sales.ave

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