Getting Dental Implants in Bedford, NY

For individuals with a missing tooth or multiple missing teeth, Dental Implants in Bedford NY area or elsewhere can be an excellent and permanent solution to this issue. Missing teeth cause practical issues as well as self confidence issues. Eating solid foods can be difficult when an individual is missing one or more teeth. Pain and discomfort are also commonly associated with missing teeth. In addition to these physical issues, many patients are embarrassed or self conscious due to their missing teeth. Fortunately, dental implants are an excellent solution that provide permanent and natural looking results.

Dental Implants Bedford are often called root devices; the metal part of the implant is generally made of titanium. It is either cylindrical in shape or shaped similar to the root of a tooth. These root devices have screw threads, so they are permanent fixtures that stay in place at all times. This provides many advantages to the dental patient. On the visible part of the implant, a prosthetic tooth is attached. This tooth is made of very strong materials, as it is made for permanent wear. The implant is designed to look similar to other teeth, so implants and regular teeth will blend seamlessly together when a patient smiles, talks and so on.

Getting Dental Implants in Bedford area is a surgical procedure, but the side effects are minimal and so is follow up care. Patients are typically sedated during the procedure, but bleeding and pain are minimal. A dental implant procedure may take up to three hours. Dental implant procedures have an extremely high success rate of 97%. If there are issues with a dental implant, it can be removed in another non invasive dental procedure. In most cases, however, a dental implant will last a lifetime without causing the patient any problems. Dental implants are designed to be practical and beneficial, and patients tend to be satisfied with the results.

Though dental implants are becoming increasingly popular, not all dental clinics provide dental implant services. These services require special equipment and tools, so only certain clinics can provide these services to their patients who want to improve their smile and oral health.

Dental Implants in Bedford NY area


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