Getting a Refund in Delaware After Purchasing a Lemon Vehicle

Many people will save money for months or years before purchasing a new or used vehicle. They may need to take public transportation, walk, or get rides from friends and family. They do this because they realize that if they can save their money, they will have the freedom that comes from purchasing a new vehicle.

That is why many are excited when they walk into the dealership for the first time and select the vehicle that they want. It is also why many are disheartened when they realize that the vehicle they purchased is a lemon. Delaware Lemon Laws are designed to help these individuals get the compensation they are due when their vehicle and the dealer who sold the vehicle to them do not live up to proper standards.

In many cases, Delaware Lemon Law affords victims the right to financial relief or a replacement vehicle. Dealers are familiar with the Lemon Law. They understand that it applies to new vehicles and older vehicles. However, they might try to get people to believe that the laws only apply when purchasing a new car.

If you purchase a new vehicle or a used vehicle that has some sort of warranty attached to it, it is protected by federal Lemon Law. It’s up to the buyer to familiarize themselves with the basics of the Lemon Law and understand how it is applicable in their area.

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