Get Your Sterling Silver Masonic High School Rings Customized

Whether you are a traditionalist or a fashion forward type of person, you will have no trouble finding a high school class ring that is just perfect. Sterling Silver Masonic High School Rings are the most classic style and are still the most popular, especially among the guys. The look is bold, the size is the largest of all the styles and the stone and year of graduation is prominently displayed on the top for everyone to see. It will not be missed or mistaken for any ordinary ring.

The sides are custom ordered and there are over a hundred designs and symbols from which to choose. Categories include music, clubs, sports, hobbies, zodiac and honor societies, just to name a few. Your school mascot can even be added to a side if you so desire. Sterling silver is but one option for the material. You can also choose between 10k gold, 14k gold, 10k white gold or 14k white gold. You have a choice of an antique finish or a polished finish, fonts and engraving styles, and many, many stone options. Your ring will be a one-of-a-kind and look like no one else’s.

J. Jenkins Sons Company has been working closely with high schools, students, and parents to bring you the best quality and the most choices of any other company since 1903. They produce classic styles like Sterling Silver Masonic High School Rings, along with many contemporary styles to make sure there is something for every student to pick from and enjoy many years into the future. Other styles and collections include a select collection, an elite collection and a gladiator style designed specifically for guys.

It is much more than a piece of jewelry and they understand that completely. It is a daily reminder of some of the best days of a person’s life that will never come again. It is an investment in all those friendships forged and games won and lessons learned. You will keep a few of those friends, you will retell a few of those glories and you may even remember some of those lessons learned every time you glance at that class ring. Choose carefully, wisely and enjoy your ring. Browse website for more details.

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