Get the Details Just Right When Planning Your Outdoor Wedding in Chicago

Several details go into planning a wedding, such as a venue, who you’re going to invite, and the colors that you want to use. Another detail to consider is whether you want to hold your wedding inside or outside. Here are some tips for planning your dream wedding outdoors so that it’s a memorable occasion.


Consider the time of year when you plan to get married. You want to keep your guests cool in the summer by offering water bottles or fans. If you plan to get married in the winter, then consider a tent for guests to sit under so that they won’t be as cold. When planning outdoor weddings in the Chicago suburbs, you might need to keep the ceremony a bit shorter to ensure the comfort of your guests. You can then spend a little more time celebrating and speaking at your reception.

Another Plan

Even if it’s supposed to be clear and sunny on the day of your wedding, one thing to keep in mind about outdoor weddings in the Chicago suburbs is that the weather can change in a short time. Have a backup plan in place in the event of rain or severe weather. Make the details known on the invitation so that guests are prepared to go to the correct venue on the day of your wedding.


A detail that you might not think about is sound. Speakers can be placed at the front and at the back of the area where guests sit so that they can hear. Consider renting a sound system so that you have microphones and other supplies needed to make hearing easier as well.

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