Get the Care You Need for Your Relative In a Caring Community

As our loved ones age, it’s important to provide care and specialized attention for them that will improve their quality of life. If you’re looking for memory care facilities in San Antonio, TX, Their could be the solution you need to ensure your parent or grandparent is safe and healthy.

The Etta offers assisted living so your relative can live in an independent setting while still receiving care as needed. There are staff members on hand to help tenants complete household chores like laundry and cooking. Medical staff who specialize in memory care will also visit your relative often to help him/her engage in exercises and activities that improve cognitive abilities and boost memory retention. The Etta provides a 24/7 emergency call system so your loved one can receive medical attention at any time of day or night.

The Etta also offers several amenities to make senior living more exciting for your loved one. There’s a library on site for your parent or grandparent to check out the books and movies they enjoy, and there’s a community kitchen that encourages tenants to cook and eat together to encourage social interaction. The Etta also offers an exercise and physical therapy room to encourage activity that will stimulate the brain and body. There’s even a hair salon on site to keep your parent or grandparent looking his/her best. Your relative can also bring a pet to the senior living community for extra companionship.

For more information on quality memory care facilities in San Antonio, TX, visit the website.

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