Get Rid Of Bed Bugs With Pest Control Services near Newnan GA

There are many misconceptions about bed bugs since their population has rebounded. For example, having bed bugs is no sign of sloppiness or a moral failing. Bed bugs are not attracted by dirt. They are attracted by body heat and carbon dioxide that people give off when they sleep. Even the cleanest homes, hotels, and businesses can suffer a bed bug infestation. They are remarkably resilient and resourceful creatures. The only way you can eliminate a bed bug infestation is with the help of pest control services near Newnan GA and elsewhere.

Can I Just Toss Out My Bed?

Despite their name, bed bugs live in many places other than just beds. They can wedge their narrow, disc-shaped bodies into tiny cracks, even the slots on the heads of screws. If they are in your bed, then they are in many other unseen places in your home, such as furniture, carpeting, walls, electrical outlets, and photo frames. You may not need to throw any bedding or furniture out if they are not torn up. Talk to Turin Pest Control to confer whether anything in your home needs throwing out.

Can I Just Use Bug Bombs?

Over-the-counter bug-killing products like bug bombs will not be effective against bed bugs. In order for those pesticides to kill bed bugs, they need to come into physical contact with each and every bug. This is impossible for bug bombs or continuous-release aerosols to do. Bed Bugs will just hide in their cracks or move to another room or floor of your property and wait it out. Once the spray dries, it becomes ineffective and the bugs move right back in. You need pest control services to get the job done right with the right tools and the right ways of killing bed bugs.

Does The Exterminator Do It All?

It takes extensive preparations to make your home ready for a pest control professional to do his or her job. Furniture needs to be pulled away from walls. All clutter should be removed. All bedding, curtains, clothes, and stuffed animals should be laundered and placed in sealable plastic bags so bugs cannot re-infest cleaned objects. Check with your exterminator for what you need to do to help him or her get rid of bed bugs in your property.

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