A Gentle Dentist In Commack Can Give You A Better Experience

For some people, going to the dentist at some point became to traumatic that they just couldn’t bring themselves to do it anymore. This often happens when children are handled poorly during dental visits, because they develop a profound fear of the sights and sounds that they associate with simple procedures like cleanings. Over the long term, this limits their ability to seek out the kind of care that they need to look and feel their best. If this is a situation that you have experienced, but you want to try to improve your health, you should seek out a Gentle Dentist Commack.

When your dentist knows that you have a lot of anxiety about your visit, he can take special steps to help to make the entire thing more comfortable for you. The office of Steven R. Feigelson DDS PC actually includes a lot of touches that were added for this purpose. It has waterfalls, music, and flat screen televisions to help create a peaceful and distracting environment. He feels strongly about providing the best possible experience to his patients, and he understands that many of them really don’t want to be in his office. By taking that feeling seriously, and treating it with the respect that it deserves, he shows how much he really cares about providing the highest quality of treatment to the people under his care.

He is also an unusual dentist, in that he is one of very few who has put in the additional time and effort necessary to become an expert in both oral and intravenous sedation. Now, those patients who truly can not handle a cleaning or procedure any other way have the option of using medications that will help them to relax and to avoid the intense distress and anxiety that a visit to the dentist can bring.

Steven Feigelson is truly a Gentle Dentist Commack. If you have stayed away from cleanings and other care because you feared the pain and uncertainty of going in for an appointment, make arrangements to go to his office. It’s designed to provide an environment that is suitable for people who aren’t comfortable going anywhere else.

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