General Sentencing Guidelines for Sexual Assault Arlington

Studies have shown that nealy half of all sex crimes will go unpunished due to embarrassment and shame felt by the victim. The sentencing guidelines for most sexual crimes are dependent on many factors and can be quite complex. The following are a few of the sentencing guidelines of Sexual Assault Arlington cases.

General Guidelines

Most cases involving sexual assault will rarely result in sentences that are over ten years or so. The only cases that will result in sentences over that will contain an element of aggravated circumstance. These aggravate circumstances are usually attempted murder while assaulting a victim or the Sexual Assault Arlington of a minor. If the injuries sustained by the victim of the assault are sever enough, it could result in a significant sentence imposed on the guilty party.

Rehab Options

The general sentence for a person convicted of sexual assault will be reduced significantly if the person can get into a rehabilitation program. These programs usually include intensive therapy and community service just to name a few. This option will also include extensive monitoring of the person and their activity to ensure they do not participate in possible criminal behavior.The person will also have to register as a sex offender and alert everyone who lives around them of this fact.


The one thing that will definitely lengthen the sentence of a person convicted of sexual assault is the presence of an overwhelming amount of evidence. If there is evidence of past assaults, then the sentence will be nearly doubled in most cases. If there is a lack of evidence, then the offender will usually get a plea deal that will result in little to no jail time. The best case scenario for a person convicted on sexual assault is to get a good plea deal that reduces the consequences of their actions.

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