General Information about India Super Lottery

The Indian Super Lottery is only available in India and is very popular. This lottery is widely known as Super Lotto India, and the game format has not changed since the launch of Thursday and Saturday India Super Lotto. India super lotto results are displayed on the official website and other legitimate gambling sites. Anyone who wants to play the India super lottery should be at least 18 years old.

Selecting India Super Lotto Numbers

To play India super lottery numbers are selected as 6/1-49. Players can choose 6 numbers from the 1-49 range. However, the Thursday and Saturday lotteries do not offer bonuses or additional numbers.

India Super Lotto Result

The drawings of the Indian super lottery take place at their headquarters in Mumbai. The draws happen twice a week, on Thursday and Saturday. The lottery uses mechanical lottery ball machines to draw super lotto numbers.

Winning Odds and Prize Categories

Those who play India super lottery are eligible for four prize categories. The payout rolls over to the next draw when no one wins the lotto. The current payout is Rs. 2,000,000, which is the minimum amount. The biggest payout ever was Rs. 172,900,000, set on May 25, 2006. The winning odds are 1:13,983,816. All you have to do is guess all the 6 main lotto numbers correctly.

How does India Super Lotto Payout?

The payout is given as a lump sum if you win the draw in the India super lottery. To receive the money, you must visit the main office in Mumbai. The sub-lotteries like for Thursday and Saturday are awarded in regional offices. The main website indicates the tax policies on the winnings. Anyone who wins must claim their prize within 90 days after the draw before the winning ticket expires.

India’s super lottery is among India’s most popular lotteries, with many people participating daily. The Thursday and Saturday super lotteries allow players to win twice a week. You can visit the official websites hosting the lottery and play from there if you are interested.

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