Fun Party and Gift Ideas for Baby’s First Birthday

A first birthday party might seem like it’s more for the joy and entertainment of the adults but it’s also a great photo opportunity for the baby journal and to show your baby throughout the years. Beyond gifts for baby you’ll probably be thinking about food, décor, and activities. Here are some ideas:

Gifts for Baby for a First Birthday

Gift ideas for a baby’s first birthday party aren’t difficult. The baby’s parents can likely tell you a little about the types of toddler toys that could be well-received. Books, blocks, plush toys, toy storage, and baby clothes will be welcome. It’s often customary for a one year old’s party to buy something to wear and something to play with. You’ll find a wide array of gifts for baby locally but you might also want to look online for additional ideas from an online baby store that delivers and has a good reputation for quality merchandise.

Food Ideas

Finger foods for the baby / babies and appetizers for the adults is commonplace for a baby’s birthday party. Whether you’re doing it simple with some pizza and birthday cake or going all out for a catered affair, keep in mind that if other babies are to be there it may be advantageous to do mini cupcakes for the birthday cake and have plenty of paper towels and washcloths on hand as well as a video camera to catch the messy action on camera.


The fun for the day will largely depend on the audience in attendance. If it’s only your baby, you’ll have a different plan than if you have several one year olds. You’ll have to come up with an even different plan if you have several older toddlers as well as a baby who’s one and either just getting mobile or who has only been mobile for a little while.

Things to think about include:

  • Balloons are fun and pretty but when they pop they’ll scare the baby / babies and could be a choking hazard.
  • Party games tend to be more geared toward older children. Babies can typically find entertainment in one another’s company with a few tummy time / toddler toys and a child’s movie with bright colors and music.

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