Four Ways Remodeling Contractors in Maple Grove MN Handle Flooring

When remodeling contractors are hired, there are often a large number of tasks they have to complete. Knocking down walls, repainting, and tearing out cabinets are often among the top of the list. Flooring is also a job that must be done. Remodeling Contractors in Maple Grove MN handle flooring in four different ways.

Pulling Out Carpet

Countless homeowners choose to change a carpeted room into one with a wooden floor. To make this happen, contractors must pull out the existing carpet. Once the carpet is removed, the floor underneath can be buffed and cleaned, so it is usable.

Laying Carpet

Some rooms start with hardwood flooring or laminate, and carpet needs to be added. Homeowners can choose from a large variety of carpet options and pick a color and length that meets their tastes. Once a style has been chosen, the contractor will lay the carpet carefully, so the entire floor is covered.

Refinishing Wood

Old wooden floors fill many houses. This wood is often extremely valuable, so many homeowners want to keep it. With a touch-up, scuffed up and outdated wood can be made to look like new. Contractors will refinish the wood, so it has the same finish all over with no worn spots showing through.

Placing Tiles

Tile is a popular choice for bathrooms. The existing tiles can be lifted up and removed. New tiles of a different pattern or color can then be placed, taking their spot. If the homeowners want to keep their existing flooring, only the tiles that are showing wear can be replaced. With such a wide selection of patterns and colors available, it should be easy to match the existing style.

Remodeling Contractors in Maple Grove MN are capable of handling any flooring needs. Whether a homeowner wants an entirely new floor put in, or only a few small details need to be changed, the contractors will meet their needs. Abbey Carpet & Remodeling offers a wide selection of flooring types, from tiles and laminate to carpet and wood. Their online showroom features each style in an assortment of colors, making it easier for homeowners to choose the exact type they want for their remodeling project.

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