Four Things to Consider When Selecting Your Tuscaloosa Apartment

Getting an apartment at the University of Alabama can be both an exciting and daunting experience. For one thing, you can potentially find the perfect home. There are also a lot of units from which to choose. However, whatever you decide, there’s an ideal apartment for everyone. Following are some key things to consider when searching for that perfect unit.

Location of Unit

When you’re looking at apartments near University of Alabama, you’ll need to select one that’s within driving distance of your classes, a grocery store, restaurants, banks, doctors’ offices, a hospital, and even night clubs and retail shops. This better ensures you have access to everything you need.

Plenty of Amenities

You’ll also want a Tuscaloosa apartment complex and unit that has various amenities. As for your apartment complex, you may enjoy having a fitness facility nearby to lift weights and exercise on the treadmill. A study lounge is also essential. As for your specific unit, hardwood floors, a fireplace and private bathrooms for each bedroom can create the perfect off-campus setting.

Multiple Floor Plans

While walking through apartments near University of Alabama, notice the ones that give you the best floor plans. If you’re living alone, you only need an apartment with one bedroom. If you’re living with three or more friends, a four-bedroom unit may be your best option.

Reasonable Rates

As a college student, you’ll need an apartment that’s reasonably priced. As a guideline, the average one-bedroom apartment in the United States costs about $1,200, according to Therefore, if you can find a one- or two-bedroom unit for under $800, you’re getting a great deal.

You’ll also want to select an apartment and unit that’s fairly close to Bryant-Denny stadium, home of your beloved Alabama Crimson Tide football team. This enables you to hop on a shuttle or bus and not have to deal with parking.

Lark Tuscaloosa provides the perfect apartments for your lifestyle at the University of Alabama.

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