Four Questions Regarding Home Care Nursing in Phoenix

Home care is utilized for many residents that can no longer handle their own care needs. Many are not yet ready to move to a nursing home, but they do need a nurse to visit regularly and assist with the daily care routine. Home Care Nursing in Phoenix provides the nursing care that people require. Before choosing this service, there are four main questions that should be asked.

How Many Nurses Provide Care to One Person?

Most people are curious about how many nurses actually come to provide care to one person. The answer actually varies. There is typically one nurse assigned to each person, but there could be days when a replacement is needed. One person may also need two separate nurses if there are different services required.

What Services Do the Nurses Perform?

Nurses typically perform daily care services. This includes assisting with bathing, dressing, and even making meals and feeding. Any task a person can no longer perform themselves is completed by a home care nurse.

Can They Provide Companionship?

Companionship is definitely part of the equation. Nurses will not simply help a person get bathed and dressed without first speaking to them and getting to know them. There is a major aspect of companionship involved. The nurse is there to offer support, and even simply talk when that is needed.

Are Housekeeping Services Offered?

Additional services, such as housekeeping, may also be possible. This is not typically part of the initial equation but could be a factor for anyone that is unable to handle daily chores on their own. The nurse may handle laundry, pick-up duties, and even transportation for groceries if those services are requested.

Home Care Nursing in Phoenix is an excellent choice for elderly, disabled, or ill people who want to remain in the comfort of their own homes. A nurse, or possible a couple nurses, could make regular visits to the home to ensure all care duties are handled. Some may come daily, while others may visit weekly. It is all based on need.  offers additional insight into the many offerings of home care nursing. Check out their website to learn more.

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