Four Common Reasons for Back Pain

Back pain is something that millions of Americans go through every day, and there are dozens of reasons why a person could be suffering from it. Sometimes it can be their diet, how they work out, and even their genetics. Here are four common reasons why a person may suffer from lower back pain.

Lack of physical activity

Due to the increase in technology usage at home and at work, people spend more time sitting down than being physically active. This can also cause poor posture, which can lead to more pain and discomfort. Especially in the upper and lower back.

Muscle strains

A muscle strain happens when you put too much pressure or force onto a muscle. For example, if you exercise too hard, or you exercise without stretching properly beforehand, then you will most likely cause a tear in your tendons.

Pinched nerve

Sometimes, a herniated disc can slip far enough out that it causes injury to nearby nerves. This can also cause numbness or pain in your arms and legs, loss of leg control, and problems with urination.

Old age

As time goes by, our bodies become weaker and start to disintegrate. This can lead to a variety of medical conditions that can lead to back pain.

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