Five Reasons you must be Diligent when Checking ID

When your business provides staff with photo ID cards and a badge holder lanyard it is not uncommon for people to be lenient in checking photo ID. Whether you have an actual security guard or have a receptionist at the front desk responsible for checking people in or out, it is imperative they follow the proper security procedures to avoid the following issues:

1. Intelligence: It might seem odd to mention this, but any business has intelligence they do not wish to share with competitors. It is very easy for someone to walk into your building and make their way from floor to floor looking for corporate information. It can be found easily from people’s desks if they step away to get a coffee or use the washroom, especially if they do not have a proper password access log in set up on their computer. A person could even walk in and sit in on a larger meeting without anyone noticing.
2. Safety: A dangerous person could easily walk into your business and lie in wait for unsuspecting employees and harm them. Most people are not walking about their place of business on the alert for an attack. Dangerous offenders can enter washrooms, stairwells and even elevators waiting for an opportunity to cause harm.
3. Theft: A thief can do a lot of damage in a very short period of time. From walking out with computer equipment to taking even larger items such as photocopiers, most people will not be on the lookout for someone having the gall to blatantly steal something in broad daylight.
4. Personal Belongings: A person allowed to wonder into the building can also go from desk to desk and cloakrooms stealing everything from cell phones to wallets. You are responsible to your staff to keep their belongings reasonably safe and allowing people to walk in without ID will put their belongings in danger.
5. Personal Injury: Depending on the type of operation you run, allowing people to wander into your facility could also lead to personal harm in factories and plants. Ensuring ID is checked will keep people off your property so you can avoid personal injury law suits.

Photo ID and a badge holder lanyard is not enough to keep your building secure. Active checking is a must to avoid security breaches and dangerous crime.

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