Fining a Claim for Vandalism on Auto Insurance in Lacey

No motorist plans to file a claim for Auto Insurance in Lacey. If a claim is filed, most think of filing claims for collisions instead of vandalism. Unfortunately, crime and vandalism is common in many urban areas. Many drivers are scared of the auto insurance claims filing process because they have never gone through it before. Fortunately, the process to file a claim for vandalism is pretty simple. If vandalism does occur, motorist should not fear the claims filing process.

Before vandalism occurs on a car, it is important for motorists to make sure that they have the right coverage. Having liability coverage is not enough. Liability covers damage to other vehicles that is caused by the insured motorist. In order for vandalism to be covered, the consumer has to purchase comprehensive coverage. The comprehensive coverage pays for damage to the insured person’s automobile if it was not caused by a collision. Vandalism is almost always not the result of a collision. If the motorist has comprehensive coverage when vandalism occurs on a vehicle, a claim can be filed.

The first step after discovering that a vehicle has been vandalized is to contact the police in order to get a police report. The process of getting a police report will vary from one area to the next. In many instances, the process to get police reports is done online. The police report is usually needed in order to file a vandalism claim.

The next step is to file a claim on the comprehensive policy by calling the insurance company’s phone number for claims. If the motorist has misplaced his or her insurance card, the folks at SAV-ON Insurance Agencies Lacey can help get the right phone number for the insurance company’s claim department. The insurance company representative on the claims line will ask for details about the vandalism on a recorded line. It is normal for all phone conversations to be recorded. After the claim has been filed, an adjuster will contact the motorist to inspect the vehicle and to arrange for the repairs. If there is a deductible, that will be paid to the shop performing the repairs. In most cases, the claims process can be completed within a week or two. Most find that the process is easy and quick once they’ve gone through it for the first time.

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