Finding The Cause Of Snoring

Have you ever had your family members tell you that you snore at night? If you do find that you’re waking up everyone in the home with your snoring, there are some treatments that you might want to consider. A snoring treatment Penticton office can perform tests to determine the cause as well as the best way to safely keep you from snoring at night.

If you’re overweight, then your doctor might suggest trying to lose weight before using medical devices. The extra pressure from excess weight can sometimes restrict your airway. If you drink or smoke, then you might want to consider quitting these habits as they can contribute to as well. If you don’t want to completely stop, then consider not drinking or smoking about two hours before going to bed.

A snoring treatment Penticton office can X-ray your chest and other areas of your body to determine if there are any blockages that should be addressed. If an X-ray doesn’t show anything, there are other scans that can be performed to determine if there are any health issues that could be treated with medications or devices, such as a sleep apnea machine. Any nasal congestion could cause snoring. This can be treated with medications and could be caused by a cold or allergies. It could also be caused by the environment where you sleep. Try cleaning your bedroom so that there isn’t as much dust and dander to see if this will help with your congestion so that you don’t snore as often. If possible, don’t sleep on your back as this can sometimes put added pressure on your airway, making it hard to breathe at night. You should also consider getting a balanced amount of sleep instead of staying up longer at night and only getting a few hours.

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