Finding the right pool pumps and filters

Swimming Pool Pumps keep your filtration system for inground pools Long Island has working properly. The proper filter and pump will work together efficiently and effectively. Your filter is removes fine particulates so you can swim in clean, clear water. They are the most important equipment that work to keep your pool clean.

Trusted Pool Supply Store
Because there are different types of pool pumps and filters you should speak to a pool supply store. They will help determine the size of pump you will need for the inground pools Long Island families enjoy. They will discuss how long you are going to run the pump throughout the day to help determine the pump you require. There are many factors to consider including how often you turn it on. If the pump is used eight hours, it should be bigger to be efficient in removing bacteria and particles. If you are concerned about the energy bill there are variable speed pumps designed to run full speed through the day and half speed at night.

Pool Filter Options
Be careful when purchasing sand filters as they require backwashing to clear the sand of debris. Some towns do not allow back wash of pool water onto the street. If you live in such a town, than you should consider a paper or cloth membrane cartridge filter instead. Sand filters require backwashing every two weeks or so. You will also have to clean the actual sand every two years. Sand filters should be replaced every six to seven years. Cartridge filters are lower maintenance requiring disassembling and rinsing once or twice a year.

Pump operation
The problem with inground pools Long Island home owners enjoy as they can consume energy. It is important to remember that although you will want to conserve energy to lower your bills, you really need to run your pumps during daylight hours. This is when the heat of the sun can create issues with the top six inches of water and the chemicals that are being used.

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