Finding the Best Transmission Repair Shops in Grand Rapids, MI

Many companies in west Michigan providing transmission services, but not all shops deliver the high level of service customers need and expect. Individuals seeking transmission service or repairs should always seek a shop that provides service to a a variety of vehicles. Modern shops must also be equipped to diagnose problems properly before any work is recommended.

With the huge variety of vehicles on the road, Transmission Repair Shops in Grand Rapids, MI must be able to service both foreign and domestic automobiles as well as light trucks and commercial vehicles. SUVs, vans and commercial vehicles use different types of transmissions, and professional shops are familiar with all of them. Newer automatic transmissions are becoming increasingly complex, with both mechanical and electronic components. CVTs are commonly installed in some makes of vehicles, and standard transmissions are are still commonly seen. Repairs should be available for all types of transmissions.

Develop a relationship with a shop like Bob’s Transmission ( by visiting the shop for normal maintenance. If the service is as advertised, keep the shop’s phone number handy. Using a professional shop that works on a wide variety of transmissions means that when a new vehicle is purchased, the same shop will still be able to provide maintenance or repairs, even if a different make or model is selected.

Other related repairs may be needed at some point in time. Having a vehicle with a standard transmission means that sooner or later a new clutch will be required. Top companies routinely replace clutch components. At the same time, it may be a good idea to replace engine rear main seals, as most of the labor is already been taken care of when the clutch is being replaced. Flywheels may also need to be replaced at some point, and top shops are fully capable of providing that service. Four wheel drive vehicle transfer case repairs should also be available. Check with the shop to determine the scope of services provided before selecting a service facility.

Top Transmission Repair Shops in Grand Rapids, MI may also provide towing services. Some even provide free towing for customer vehicles needing transmission repair. Warranties for both parts and labor should be fully explained and estimates for any repair should be provided before any repairs are started.

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