Find Relief For Neck Pain In San Diego

The ability to experience movement free from pain is something that many people take for granted. If they did suffer from neck, shoulder and back pain, they would understand how this can impede a normal life. Everything from daily activities to nightly sleep can become a distant memory. The remedy is to work with doctors who understand how to help patients in a non-invasive manner, sparing them invasive surgical methods and hospitalization whenever possible. patients who experience neck pain in San Diego find that they can regain their strength with care from the team at the Ck Chiropractic Wellness Center. Neck Pain in San Diego as well as holistic health for the entire body can be found with the skill and training their doctors hold from both Eastern and Western medical establishments.

This center offers acupuncture to relax stress and toxins from pressure points on the body. Their chiropractic doctors also work with patients who have suffered injuries on the job or after being in a vehicle accident. Both Dr. Ta and Dr. Caballero can work with those accident victims who have had traumatic brain injury in addition to their physical injuries and require special attention and critical care.

Many patients are led to this wellness center by looking at their web pages located at They know that they can bring their issues to the doctors for treatment, even if they are experiencing difficult back and disc problems. Using non-invasive methods the doctors can help them to regain their full strength and return to a life that is pain free. Sports medicine is another place where their chiropractic wellness group excels. School, professional and amateur athletes can be treated so that they can rejoin team or individual sports safely and securely.

In addition to their commitment to their patients and their quest for health, patients appreciate the fact that these doctors have also made a name for themselves with their dedication to the Vietnamese community. Through their charitable efforts, they have built schools in their native country. They continue to contribute to good causes both at home and abroad.

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