Find All Your Shop Sprayer Parts in Elk Grove Village, Illinois

Paint sprayers, pressure washers, and spray guns have certain things in common. They all utilize some of the same parts and require pressurized air to function. When this equipment is used regularly, it tends to break down pieces. You can get spray equipment parts in Elk Grove Village, IL.


The tubes and hoses that these pressurized machines use are often some of the first pieces to go. They may split due to frequent pressure or just age and crack. It takes dozens of uses, but you may need backup or new hoses before you know it.

Buy them for less when they’re part of a wholesale shop online or when a store puts them on clearance. Just make sure they are the correct hoses for your equipment’s brand and pressure level.

Spray Gun Parts

Spray guns are rather complex, but every style of spray gun requires some spring, a trigger, a nozzle, and lever grips. Nozzles can become clogged, making them the number one part needed in spray equipment parts.

The trigger and spring mechanisms may also break. Since these parts are not interchangeable between one type of sprayer and another, check your manual before purchasing replacement parts.


Most of these portable sprayers are supported on a frame with wheels. Wheels are another part that can come loose or wear out. To replace any of the above, contact Bittner’s Spray Equipment via

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