A Family Law Attorney in Summerlin, NV Understands The Decreasing Rate of Divorce Due to Generational Changes

A Family Law Attorney in Summerlin NV has become aware of an interesting trend over recent years. The divorce rate has been dropping dramatically, but only among the two younger adult generations. In contrast, baby boomers continue to get divorced at increasingly high rates. Senior citizens are ending their marriages at a more frequent rate than ever before.

Waiting to Get Married

Millennials and the younger members of Generation X have generally waited longer to get married, and a higher percentage of these individuals do not seem inclined to get married at all. It’s relatively common now for people to not marry until they are in their late 20s or early 30s, which was not typical of the baby boomer generation. Parents of baby boomers usually stayed together even if they married very young and divorce was often not seen as an option.

Reasons to Wait

Why are these younger adults waiting to get married? Typically, they say they want to be financially stable when they tie the knot. They may want to complete their education and get started on a career before marriage, whether that career requires a university education or trade school training. They are willing to wait until their 30s to start having children.

Common Reasons for Divorce

This isn’t to say that younger generations aren’t getting divorced at all, but they do so much less frequently than baby boomers. The divorce rate among Millennials and Gen X is below 40 percent. A Family Law Attorney in Summerlin NV has probably discovered that their most common reasons for divorce are the same as those of the older generation.

Often, the problem is that they grew apart over the years. They no longer feel the strong bond they once had and have developed different interests and different friends. In some cases, they’ve discovered they aren’t compatible in important ways. One of them spends and one of them saves. One likes to go out to dinner and concerts, while the other wants to stay home and watch TV. These problems make them decide to file for divorce with the assistance of an organization like Pintar Albiston LLP. You can also connect them on Twitter.

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