Facts You Should Know About Diesel Exhaust Fluid in Surprise, AZ

by | Feb 1, 2024 | Automotive

Since the 1970s, the Environmental Protection Agency has been working to control the emission of nitrogen oxides from larger vehicles. In response to this, in 2010, engineers introduced diesel exhaust fluid (DEF). This has proven to be an effective after-treatment solution for some catalytic reduction systems. As with all things, DEF technology can break down, requiring diesel DEF repair in Surprise, AZ.

Currently, the EPA requires that all large and medium-sized vehicles with diesel engines must also have integrated DEF technology. DEF is made up of deionized water and urea. DEF can be purchased in gallon containers at some gas stations. However, it’s a good idea to have extra if you can’t find a location selling the products. An engine will stop functioning if it consumes all of the DEF in the tank. DEF products have a shelf life of around two years as long as they are stored properly.

If the diesel DEF is damaged, investing in diesel DEF repair in Surprise, AZ benefits the driver, the vehicle, and the environment. It benefits the driver because exposure to DEF vapors is less toxic than direct exposure to diesel. DEF technology can potentially reduce hospital visits, sick days, and deaths exponentially.

DEF technology improves vehicle efficiency, causing the vehicle to produce lower emissions and allowing the drivers to set their vehicles to higher power and minimize the number of oil changes needed between each round. Finally, the benefits to the environment of a properly working DEF system are that it reduces harmful gas emissions into the atmosphere and significantly reduces the driver’s carbon footprint.

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