Facts about Braces in Weatherford, TX

Orthodontic treatments are methods that dentists use in order to realign teeth. It is a successful means that dental professionals use rather than pulling teeth. Children and adults alike wonder if this method is painful, how long it takes and how dentists fix it? Having braces in Weatherford TX placed is a fantastic way to get the smile you always wanted.

Orthodontics: The Method

Orthodontics is a method that exerts a pull on teeth or the entire dental arch, thus making them move. This is an aggressive traction technique that helps improve the supporting tissues of the teeth, more or less, depending on the individual. The pain is very noticeable when first starting a treatment, and this lasts throughout the first few days after the procedure is finished. However, any pain that is present is usually not very intense.

Many people find it important to differentiate this tiny evil of discomfort from embarrassment of a less-than-stellar smile. Dentists now have more powerful materials at their disposal that mitigate some traction early on in the treatment. Overall, it takes an adjustment period of two to six days. Within this time frame, your dentist will make certain changes that will help ease any pain and increase the effectiveness of your braces.

Painkillers can mitigate the pain over the first 3 to 4 days

To alleviate any pain, dentists will prescribe pain medication one hour before the start of the procedure, and again after the surgery has taken place. He or she will also give you a prescription for “as needed” painkillers. If pain persists, it is important that you never hesitate to call a dentist. Also, be advised to never take aspirin, as this this analgesic promotes bleeding. dentists have certain medicines they like to prescribe after procedures like this. Here are some tips for post-installation pain relief.

  • Eat soft and cold foods like ice cream, drinks, fresh milk, etc.
  • It is advised that you cut your food into tiny pieces during the first few days after installation.
  • Oral hygiene is still important. Any initial discomfort and pain from the fear of brushing should be set aside. Your teeth and gums will be a little sore, but hygiene is paramount. Remember, poor hygiene promotes gingivitis, which will make things extremely worse.
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