Factors to Consider When Buying Motorcycle Insurance in Lancaster PA

Choosing the ideal motorcycle insurance policy takes effort – much like finding the right bike. The coverage you choose should fit your riding style and your needs, while remaining budget-friendly. Most states require riders to have a minimum level of liability insurance, but other coverage types are not mandatory. After asking Susquehanna Insurance Management Ltd which types of coverage are required in Pennsylvania, consider your options as listed below.


Liability Insurance

Liability coverage pays for property damage and bodily injuries sustained by other people involved in a motorcycle accident, but it does not cover you or your bike. When purchasing insurance, find out if it also covers passengers; whether or not it does depends on Pennsylvania’s laws and upon the company selling you the policy.


This type of coverage pays for damage done to your motorcycle in an accident. The insurer will pay for your damages, minus a deductible, after you hit an object or vehicle. Collision insurance typically covers you for the motorcycle’s book value.


Comprehensive insurance pays for damage caused by events such as vandalism, theft or fire, and similarly to collision coverage, your motorcycle is insured for its book value. Most collision and comprehensive coverage only pays for factory parts; if you add on aftermarket accessories or get a custom paint job, you may need optional equipment Insurance in Lancaster PA.

Under or Uninsured Motorist Insurance

This type of insurance pays for damages caused by others who either have insufficient coverage or none at all. It pays for medical bills, lost wages and other losses, and if your policy includes property damage coverage, your motorcycle is covered. Your agent can tell you what’s included and what needs to be bought separately.

When buying motorcycle insurance, you should choose the company and agent that are right for your needs. If you already have car insurance, you can likely get a policy through the same company. If they do not offer motorcycle insurance, ask coworkers, relatives and friends where they bought their coverage. Local motorcycle repair shops are often happy to recommend companies, and motorcycling publications often have advertisements for various insurance companies. By considering your choices in motorcycle Insurance in Lancaster PA, you can get the coverage you need to keep you riding safely.

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