Exploring the Merits of Dental Crowns in Evanston

by | Aug 3, 2021 | Dentistry

The goal of any type of dental work is to improve the look and the function of the teeth. One of the more common types of treatments is Dental Crowns in Evanston. Here are some of the benefits that the patient will enjoy once those crowns are in place.

Strengthening a Cracked Tooth

Recent accident was not severe enough to loosen any teeth, but the event did leave the individual with a couple of cracked teeth. Depending on the severity of the damage, the dentist may recommend the installation of Dental Crowns in Evanston. The crowns will add stability to the tooth and protect the cracks from expanding. When paired with veneers or other types of treatments, the tooth will be as strong as ever.

Improving the Appearance of the Teeth

Crowns are also ways to improve the look of any teeth that are not shaped properly. That includes teeth that may not be as long as the surrounding ones. Once the crown is in position, the tooth will blend in easily with the rest. That will make it much easier to smile without feeling self-conscious.

Ideal for Topping Off a Filling

At first, the patient was sure the dentist would not be able to save a badly decayed tooth. After finding out that it can be filled, the next step is to provide some extra stability for the filling. That will come in the form of a crown. Keep in mind that the crown can be tinted to match the rest of the teeth, so no one has to know the tooth was ever anything but perfectly healthy.

Providing Support for a Dental Bridge

When there is the need to fill in a gap using a bridge, applying a crown to the teeth on each side makes it easier to keep the bridge in position. Less slippage allows the patient to relax and not be concerned about a problem arising while enjoying a meal out with friends and family.

For anyone wondering if crowns would help with their dental issues, look at more info here and discuss the possibilities with a dental professional. With the right approach, the teeth will once again look great. Visit Stephens Dentistry website for more information.

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