Exploring Maintenance Plans from an Elevator Company in Washington, DC

Elevators are taken for granted by most people, especially in big cities. People get into elevators for work, appointments, shopping, meetings, and even dining at fine restaurants. They all assume the elevators will operate as they are supposed to. Building managers make the same assumptions day after day. An elevator is something no one thinks about until there is a major malfunction.

Signs of a Problem

There are subtle signs that an elevator needs maintenance or repairs, but few people take them seriously. A door hesitates to open for a second or two, there is a slight jerking motion as the elevator stops at the right floor, or noise can be heard briefly while the cab is in motion are all examples of signs to call an Elevator Company in Washington DC . People do not think to stop at the information desk or a reception area to let someone know about the disturbance because everyone is so busy.

Inadvertent Neglect

Unless the building management hires a crew just to maintain the elevators, it is easy to forget to arrange for maintenance services from an Elevator Company in Washington DC. Time goes by, other areas require attention, and the elevator keeps working like it always does. That is until it stops working and panic begins. People may be trapped between floors, others may not have the ability to simply take the stairs, and the situation is now an emergency.

Eliminate Neglect

Participating in one of the maintenance plans offered by an established company, such as Elevator Technologies Inc. takes the burden of arranging for preventative and routine maintenance of the building manager. The company programs the building into the computer and gets alerts when maintenance is due. The company calls the building manager to schedule a convenient time to complete the maintenance.

Managers or building owners can visit the website to discover what maintenance plans are offered and how to contact the company to sign an agreement. Avoid panic, inconvenienced employees and visitors, and lawsuits should anyone suffer an injury if the elevator falls a few levels unexpectedly. It is a simple and cost-effective way to drastically reduce the likelihood of an elevator incident.

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