Experience Teeth Whitening in Runnemede

For many people, Teeth Whitening in Runnemede can help them to feel more confident about the appearance of their smile. When your teeth have become stained, you are most likely going to feel self-conscious and avoid showing your smile as often as possible. There are many reasons your teeth may become stained. The aging process naturally begins to cause yellowing and darkening in your teeth. You can also experience stains because of smoking and drinking red wine. Even healthy foods, like berries, can cause staining in your teeth. Though these stains can be problematic to remove on your own, there are procedures for Teeth Whitening in Runnemede. These treatments can whiten your teeth, no matter what degree of staining you are experiencing.

How are Teeth Whitening Treatments Carried Out?

When you go to see your dentist for Teeth Whitening in Runnemede, your teeth will first be completely cleaned. The cleaning process is important, because plaque and food particles can cause the solution to be unable to penetrate your teeth. Once your teeth are cleaned, the dentist will begin to prepare your whitening solution.

If you are having a traditional treatment, the dentist will use hydrogen peroxide. If you need further whitening ability, the dentist will bleach your teeth with carbamide peroxide. No matter which type of treatment you have, the solution is painted on your teeth in the same way.

In some instances of Teeth Whitening in Runnemede, the dentist will activate the whitening ability of the solution with a special light. UVB lights can help to enhance the whitening ability, so your teeth become dramatically whitened.

After your treatment is carried out, the dentist will polish your teeth. Polishing brings out the whiteness of your teeth, so your smile looks attractive.

After your treatment, you will need to make sure you use the treatment your dentist gives you at home. This will keep your teeth whiter between visits, so your smile stays beautifully white.

If you would like to learn more about teeth whitening procedures and how they can improve the appearance of your smile, Deptfordfamilydental.com. They will be glad to help you have the beautiful smile you have always longed for. Through this site, you can also learn about other dental procedures, like dental implants.



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