Experience Great Aerial Views with Helicopter Tours in NYC

Do you want to see phenomenal views of NYC without shelling out a fortune to do it? View the many sightseeing packages from any reputable tour company in the area. Helicopter flight companies will take you soaring through the skies, where you can have fantastic aerial views. You can fly over the famed Statue of Liberty, the spectacular Empire State Building, or even fly by the Chrysler Building. You will also have great views of New York’s iconic Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges and other notable attractions in the area. Whether you want to fly over the Hudson River to see the Intrepid Sea, ground zero, the Air Museum, or even the historic New York Harbor, you will have plenty of options available. You can also have a leisure flight that covers everything, when you book a helicopter tour. You can take in the fabulous views either during the day to see the skyline of the buildings in the beautiful sun or you can witness the buildings at night with all of their lights on and looking gorgeous up against the black sky.

Packages and Pricing

Depending on where you want to go and the things you want to see when you are out in the helicopter is what the prices for tour packages will be based on.  Some trips require a minimum of 2 people, while others may have different requirements. Before booking with any company, always check to ensure that the company has a good reputation and safety record, and ensure that their pilots are experienced and FAA certified. Most companies charge a $15 per person heliport fee, but the total cost is relatively affordable for everyone.

Highlights of Taking a Tour

The great thing about helicopter tours is that they can be exactly what you want. Whether you want to have a toast with champagne while taking the sites in, or want to have your trip narrated with informative information about the different sites that are being passed, there are usually tour packages available that will cater for all of your wants and needs. Take your camera to snap off clear shots from the sky, or simply sit back and relax until the trip is complete. There are amazing things to see in NYC, so you can’t go wrong when you take Helicopter tours in New York.

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