What to Expect from a Traditional Service Stonington Funerals

Many people have never attended a funeral service. That means this kind of service can be very traumatic to them. That is why it is good to talk to those who have never been to a funeral so they understand what a Traditional Service Stonington funeral homes involve. The following will discuss the basics of the common things to expect from a traditional funeral service.

The Preparation

No one other than the funeral director and staff members involved in the body preparation will see the body before it is ready for viewing. The prep work always includes embalming, and can include hair-styling, makeup, and anything that makes the body presentable for viewing.


Most generally the funeral home handles getting the death certificate(s) and making the arrangements for the obituaries. They may also find clergy for your kind of funeral service, arrange for a church service, set up the funeral home facilities for viewing and/or services, making arrangements for the grave, and getting any permits necessary where applicable. These arrangements take a lot of stress off the family.

Specialty Services

Even a Traditional Service Stonington for a funeral can include some specialty services. Funeral home staff members make sure the accommodations for a viewing are adequate and acceptable to the family and they set up the visiting hours. You can also choose things like having the obituary included in the funeral website database for a time, buy candles for the ceremony, and/or have memorial DVD tributes produced and shown.

The Viewing and Funeral Service

The viewing of the body is generally set up for the funeral home in a room designed for the viewing. Some people choose to do this as a way to say goodbye and for closure after the loss of a loved one. The funeral service can be basic, religious, or like a memorial. Some funerals are open casket where you can view the body and some are closed with a picture of the person in view.

The type of services you require will be determined by several factors. Your religious preferences, family traditions, general preferences, and your budget. If your loved one has taken part in pre-planning there will be little for you to do and nothing to pay for unless you make additions to the services and products. Mystic Funeral Home LLC can help you choose the services you need and want with compassion and honesty.

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