Every Event Needs an Ice Luge in Suffolk County, NY

A fantastic event needs something special, and that is why people order ice sculptures. An ice sculpture is an eye-catching decoration that is rarely seen in everyday life, and it is always a great conversation starter. Instead of opting for a traditional sculpture, it is easy to up the interest level even more by ordering a special-themed ice-luge in Suffolk County, NY.

What is an ice luge?

An ice luge, or martini luge, is an ice sculpture that includes specially carved channels for beverages to be poured through. This is typically used for alcoholic beverages, but there is no reason why it could not be used for non-alcoholic drinks as well. The channels help to cool the beverage some as it runs through the channel, and many of the guests will enjoy watching it move through the clear ice.

How does it work?

A channel for the liquid is carved in a spiral or zigzag pattern in the sculpture. Sometimes, a tube is frozen into the center of the ice to create a path for the liquid. Ice artists usually add the path in a way to accent the ice design. A spigot at the bottom of the channel can hold the beverage in place until it is poured into a glass, or the channel may be open to allow the guests to take shots directly from the sculpture. Storing the liquid in the luge perfectly chills alcoholic beverages but may freeze other liquids.

How long are they useful?

An ice luge in Suffolk County, NY usually has about four hours before it has melted too much to use. Larger sculptures last longer than smaller ones, and the temperature of the room also affects the melting rate. The sculpture should remain in a freezer until the last moment.

Event planners can purchase a pre-carved luge from Long Island Ice & Fuel and hire a local ice artist to create a sculpture from the luge or design their own luge from one of the blocks supplied by the supplier. Contact the company to learn more about the luges they offer and how to order a sculpture or luge for any event.

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