The Essential Teeth Whitening Product – Hydrogen Peroxide

When it comes to get teeth white and sparkly, Americans rank on top. They associate success, popularity and attractiveness with having the ideal smile. As a result, the manufacture and sale of teeth whitening products continues to soar. At the basis of these products is a common, inexpensive chemical – hydrogen peroxide. For teeth whitening, it is the equivalent of baking soda in making cakes and cookies.

Hydrogen Peroxide: Composition and Appearance

Hydrogen peroxide is a compound chemical. It consists of 2 hydrogen molecules for every 2 oxygen molecules. As a result, its chemical formula is H2O2. It is the simplest of the peroxide group.
In appearance, hydrogen peroxide is colorless. It is usually sold or found as a liquid. Although it resembles water, it is somewhat thicker in character. In general, it is usually mixed with water to reduce its potency and potential risks to safety. This mixture is accomplished without difficulty since hydrogen peroxide binds easily with water.

What Does Hydrogen Peroxide Actually Do?

When it comes to teeth whitening, the chemicals that comprise hydrogen peroxide play specific roles. When hydrogen peroxide comes into contact with your teeth, it reacts. The oxygen hives off or splits. It goes in search of another chemical substance to bond with. When it runs into the various substances staining your teeth, it reacts. The result is the removal of the stains and brighter teeth.
How bright and how quickly depends upon the strength of the hydrogen peroxide solution. Hydrogen peroxide for whitening teeth comes in different strengths and in various forms. As part of a whitening pen or whitening strips, the amount tends to be less than that found in whitening trays.

Why Use Hydrogen Peroxide for Teeth Whitening?

Hydrogen peroxide is a common ingredient of most teeth whitening products. In fact, hydrogen peroxide is the active agent in the process. It is the substance responsible for turning teeth white. In other words, it is the active bleaching agent.

Manufacturers choose hydrogen peroxide for teeth whitening for several reasons. These include:

*   Proven safety record – except for potential gum irritation, hydrogen peroxide is safe to use on the enamel of the teeth. Even the American Dental Association (ADA) is agreement on this matter.
*  Established success record – hydrogen peroxide has been shown by dentists and researchers to actually increase the whiteness of teeth
*  Low cost – hydrogen peroxide is not an expensive chemical to manufacture
*  Easy accessibility – consumers can and have for decades, been purchasing hydrogen peroxide and hydrogen peroxide products over the counter (OTC) without any problems

Your decision to use hydrogen peroxide for teeth whitening is a solid one. It ranks high among the safest bleaching treatments permitted for your teeth. It is also one of the most successful means of achieving the perfect smile. The proof of this – dentists use it, although in stronger solutions, to obtain their best results.

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