Essential Considerations When Choosing An E-House

As both permanent as well as temporary enclosures for electrical equipment and systems, and electrical house, also known as an e-house or Power House, is a cost-effective option.

There are different options in these modular types of enclosures, and choosing the right design, material, and size starts with taking a close look at what is needed for a given job or for use across multiple job locations over time. Companies that manufacturer these enclosures typically provide both standard designs and options as well as providing fully customized options to meet the needs of specialized types of applications.

Size and Material Considerations

The size of the enclosure limits the amount of equipment that can be safely housed and operated within the enclosure. For portable buildings on wheels or skids, size is also a consideration based on the types of locations where the building will be required.

When choosing the safest and most secure e-house option, steel frames, and steel sheet roof and sides are the best options. These durable structures can stand up to a wide range of environments, including freezing weather and high temperatures and humidities.

Sound Issues

When the e-house is used for blowers, industrial fans, compressors, pumps and other types of motorized equipment, sound attenuation becomes an important factor. Specialized insulation can be included in the design of the building to limit the sound outside the building, even with loud equipment operating on the inside.

Interior Environment

Not all Power Houses are used exclusively for equipment. When personnel are working inside the building, the interior environment has to meet all safety and workplace standards.

These enclosures can also be pre-wired for lighting, HVAC systems, fire suppression, and even security systems. When considering any enclosure, take a close look at what the manufacturer can provide in the way of customization and features to add value and versatility to the building.

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