Enjoy Old-Fashioned Service at a Friendly Breakfast Cafe in Saint Paul, MN

As the weather warms up, individuals are naturally going to want old-style ice-cream in their favorite flavors. Sometimes, the old way remains the best way. Take time to enjoy old-fashioned customer service at a friendly breakfast cafe in Saint Paul, MN, that offers delicious hometown ice-cream served fast and always with a smile.

A Cafe Located Downtown Saint Paul That Offers the Best Ice-Cream Ever

If your family likes their ice-cream fresh and scooped with traditional flavors or served up in a cone or ice-cream sundae, this is the place to be. The award-winning customer service reminds people of how simple and great life can be. The staff are always friendly and will serve up your preferred frozen treats with a warm and welcoming smile and fast service to keep customers coming back time and again.

Discover the Simplicity of Breakfast Foods Done Right

Along with the fabulous and large selection of frozen ice-cream options, this popular breakfast cafe in the Saint Paul, MN, region delivers hot and tasty breakfast foods always cooked to perfection with wholesome fresh ingredients. Eating here is a wonderful way to start your day. On second thought, it is a great way to end your day as well. Pick up some ice-cream on your way home from work.

Consider This Breakfast Cafe for Catered Events

Make your wedding or other special event perfect with catered ice-cream delights that your guests will love and appreciate. Contact Rico’s Ice Cream Parlor at https://www.ricosicecreamparlor.com online

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