Enjoy Independent Living In Senior Apartments

by | Aug 8, 2014 | Senior Health

As you move into your golden years, your needs may change. Housekeeping and home maintenance can become more taxing, time consuming and harder to perform. If you still enjoy living on your own, but want help with housekeeping and home maintenance, you should look into an independent living community. An independent living community allows you to live in your own apartment with your belongings, while having access to extra help when you need it as well access to social events.

Most independent living communities rent out senior apartments. You generally have to be over a specific age to live in the community. The age requirement can vary between having to be over 55 or over 65 depending on the community you look at. The apartments can range in size from smaller one bedroom apartments all the way up to rather large apartments that feel more like a bigger house. Most apartments in these communities already have all the built in kitchen appliances you need as well as a washer and dryer.

These communities are designed to allow seniors to live by themselves with access to some extra help when needed. Most of these communities provide at least bi-weekly housekeeping services. Similar to most apartments, all maintenance needs are taken care of for you. One aspect that is a little different about senior living communities is most all of them also have staff on call 24 hours a day as well as an on-site nurse. These features are built in to provide extra support to seniors living within the communities.

Most senior apartment complexes try to build a sense of community among their residents. Many feature a restaurant on site residents can easily walk to. Some communities provide at least one free meal per day for residents. Some communities also feature other amenities on site to make living easier for seniors.

They may have a community room, salon, barber shop, exercise and wellness center, computer lab, library, deli and bar on-site to meet their resident’s needs. Most all independent living communities feature social events so residents can get to know one another and develop new friendships.

If you are interested in renting an apartment in an independent living community, contact Dial Retirement Communities to set up a tour of their facilities. They offer spacious apartments with access to many great community features for an affordable price.



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