Enjoy a Refreshing Swimming Pool and the Environmental Benefits of Eco pools

Swimming pools are a lot of fun, especially in the heat of the summer months. However, the upkeep and maintenance of a pool can get expensive and quite tedious. Even worse, the chemicals used to treat pools are dangerous to the people swimming in them and the environment in which they are disposed in. The most common pool treatment is the use of a chlorine additive. While chlorine functions well to remove bacteria and algae, it doesn’t do much for the environment. In fact, an abundance of chlorine can destroy an area and kill the plants and microbes.

Eco pools are an alternative that uses more environment friendly ways to treat pool water. They also reduce the energy consumption from heating the pool water or inefficient filtering systems. One option for treating your pool is salt. A salt water pool is often known as a soft water pool because of the way the water feels on the skin. Salt water pools are similar to marine environments and the pool of choice for many people since salt can inhibit the growth of various bacteria and algae. The pool will still need some filtering since still water can quickly interact with sunlight and allow algae or scum to form.

Another cleaning option is the use of an ionizer. This method uses silver ions and copper to eliminate bacteria, algae and various viral agents. In some systems, you may still be required to use minor amounts of chlorine, but the most common requirement is the use of chlorine additives for shock treatments. This is done when the environment has gotten to the point that regular filtration can’t clean it properly.

Eco pools are quickly becoming the option of choice because it is an environmentally friendly solution. An option such as a solar heating device can reduce or even eliminate the extra expense caused by heating a pool. This could result in a significant savings because heating large pools can be expensive. Keeping the environment and your budget in mind is the main reason that certain contractors sell these pools and the best of these will recommend them over regular swimming pools. The downside is you may pay a little more for an environmentally friendly pool than the normal version.

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