Enhance Your Tooth Whitening Tools With Cheek Retractors

As you know teeth whitening processes can be very complicated simply because of the small confines of the mouth. While most people are only concerned about whitening and brightening the front teeth, it is important to also whiten the teeth along the sides of the upper and lower jaw that are exposed when the person smiles. However, trying to get the whitening solution to this area can be difficult unless you have cheek retractors to give you a hand.

The Problem

The problem with many home or at-home teeth whitening processes is that the individual has a difficult time in applying the gel to the entire surface of the teeth that aren’t easily seen. In addition once the gel is applied the cheeks automatically touch the tooth’s surface, adding water and diluting the bleaching ability of the gel.

This can also happen in a dental office that is doing in-office tooth whitening procedures. Thankfully small, comfortable and practical cheek retractors can be slipped in the mouth above the gum line to hold the cheeks off the tray and off the teeth during the whitening process. They come in different sizes to easily adjust for patients of all ages.

Comfort Counts

Made of lightweight and flexible plastic the cheek retractors are designed to sit right against the gums and the inside of the cheek. They don’t press or grip the gums tightly; rather it is the inward pressure from the cheek itself that holds them in place. They are slightly compressed when slide into the mouth and then released to provide that ever so slight outward pressure.

After the process is completed the cheek retractors are removed using the same process. Lightly press in using your thumb and index finger and then slide the cheek retractors along the gum and out of the mouth.

Using cheek retractors is an efficient and effective way to ensure uniform lightening and brightening of the teeth, especially those along the sides of the mouth. Since they are single use items you don’t have to worry about cleaning or disinfecting, just give them a toss in the garbage and the procedure and open another package for the next patient.

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