Emergency Services Offered By A Veterinary Hospital

A pet can quickly win over its owner’s heart and become a member of the family. Pets that are well cared for on a day to day basis typically only need to visit a veterinarian on a yearly basis. Even though a pet owner may be doing everything right, there may still be times when tragedy strikes and leaves a pet injured or severely ill. It is crucial to have a trusted doctor nearby to address all of their health issues. Before trusting a Veterinary Hospital with a furry or feathered friend, it is important to determine whether they can meet all of there medical needs. Here are a few emergency services that every vet should offer to their patients.

Gastrointestinal Problems Even with training there are still some dogs that have a fascination with socks, shoes and other household items. If they ingest one of these items, it can lead to a blockage that can cause extreme pain and even death. A veterinarian should have the knowledge and equipment to clear the blockage and bring relief to the pet as quickly as possible. Physical Injury When a pet sustains a physical injury finding quality medical care can mean the difference between life and death. An emergency Veterinary Hospital should have the ability to conduct on-site x-rays and lab testing so the extent of the damage can be evaluated. They should also have an on-site surgery suite, so any needed medical procedures can be completed without delay.

Fluid TherapyIf a pet becomes dehydrated it is vital to replenish the fluids they lack as quickly as possible. Not encouraging hydration can cause body systems to fail and shut down. This can lead to death and leave the owner heart broken. Though fluid therapy is an easy and quick procedure, it is not offered by all veterinary offices. When a pet becomes ill or injured, it is important to get them the medical attention they need before the problem can become worse. The caring and compassionate team at Animal Medical Center can help any pet overcome illness and get back home quickly. Contact them today and see what quality veterinary care looks like. They treat every pet like family and provide care that represents the latest in veterinary medicine advancements.

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