Embracing Christian Life: 3 Benefits of Joining a Men’s Group

by | May 11, 2016 | Religion

In the 90s, when you say Christian groups, it meant that you meet up with like minded peers for bible study outside of the church. It was as straightforward as any Sunday worship with prayers, songs and gospel. Today, Christian groups are diverse and could benefit men and women of all ages in more ways than one.

If you’re thinking of expanding your Christian life with groups for men, then prepare to experience:

1) Living out the Gospel – Each member of a Christian group applies God’s Word to their lives. You don’t need to read the bible 24/7 to understand how Christians are supposed to put the Bible into practice through your day to day life. You can witness the presence and purpose of Christ in the lives of your group members. The more people from the group you meet, the more practice applications of the Bible you’ll be able to learn, so mingle with the crowd, enjoy their company, and you’ll be surprised that you’re actually living out the gospel without you knowing it.

2) True Leadership – Jesus is the best example of how Christian groups strive to develop leaders. By joining a men’s group, you will be placed under the wing of a senior church member. This leader will strive to live out the gospel, encourage deep relationships between members, initiate church activities, and develop potential leaders from the group. These leaders are trained with years of ministry, either in the supervision of a pastor or through worship.

3) Long-lasting Friendships– Christian groups encourage members to have regular contact outside of meetings. This is because relationships between group members are extremely important, particular for those just beginning to transform their lives into one that’s centered on Christ. Having friends you trust wholeheartedly, who have only your best interest at heart, is the key to opening up. Once the trust is there, you can be able to share your life’s story without fear of being judged.

Many people find it intimidating to join Christian groups, but this shouldn’t be the case. If you sincerely want to have a deeper relationship with Christ, meet new friends who share your faith, or even train as a possible group leader and be the inspiration for future members, then you should join a Christian group as soon as you can. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain, so why not?

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